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 Parsons Guitar Repair

  Medway Mills

165 Main Street Suite 111B

Medway, MA 02053 





I am DJ Parsons. I have been working on guitars and other stringed instruments for 30+ years.

I am a Massachusetts local having graduated from Xaverian Brothers HS and UMass.

Several years ago, I received a certificate from the Galloup School of Lutherie after professional training there.

As a player myself, I understand your need to have setups and repairs done on a timely basis. Turnaround time is key in all that I do.

I have found that I really enjoy restoring instruments and working with customers on their project guitars. I encourage you to contact me if you need help in these areas. 

Having had the privilege of working on some of the finest instruments over the years, I have become well versed in the value of stringed instruments. I can provide you with insurance or market value appraisal assistance. 

I have developed an extensive network of customers over the years. All of them are players. Please let me know if you need help selling a guitar or finding one in particular.

My hours are by appointment. As a convenience to you, most times I can come pick up your instrument and deliver it back to you upon completion. 

For the past several years, I have been training luthiers - see my LUTHIERS I HAVE TRAINED page - through my Parsons Guitar Repair School to do setups and repairs and can also work with you to build an acoustic, electric or bass guitar. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have setup, repair, restoration or appraisal needs or if you would like to pursue lutherie as a part or full-time discipline. 






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             The following is a partial list of my services:

  • Acoustic, electric, archtop, bass & pedal steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, fiddle, uke & charango set-ups
  • Nuts and saddles
  • Bridge re-glue
  • Acoustic, electric and bass guitar construction
  • Kit guitar - Warmoth, etc. - construction
  • Completion of your project guitar
  • Broken neck repair
  • Rewiring and pick-up replacement
  • Professional instrument appraisal and photography
  • Fret dressing, crowning & polishing
  • Tuner replacement
  • Restoration

  • Appraisals - for insurance valuation or to ascertain market value

  • Setup and Repair instruction through Parsons Guitar Repair School